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Tradition and innovation at Endemage SS15 at Dubai Fashion Week

Endemage-18The collection, presented at Madinat Jumeirah, by the Omani sisters, Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani, creates a believable image of defying gravity.

The forces of gravity didn't seem to work at the Endemage Spring-Summer 2015 fashion show at Dubai Fashion Week. The Omani label, Endemage, builds on and fuses traditional values of the Arabian style with more edgy and contemporary trends.


This season Lubna and Nadia ignore the law of universal gravitation and showcase a sophisticated flowing collection of super feminine ready-to-wear pieces.


A sense of even greater volatility is established by beautifully vibrant colours and pastels such as crème, white and lilac.


The flowing fabrics – chiffons and silks – make a strong statement of an outright non-aggressive contemporary look.


Special attention is drawn to the emerald colour and cut-out leaf patterns.


The silhouettes are inspired by Zanzibar's amazing beaches and picturesque views, which can be recognised in the Omani sisters' designs.


The way in which Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani's work blends fashion with culture, is truly outstanding and inspirational.


Traditional Omani designs inspire these elegant and feminine pieces fashioned for the modern Arab woman, whilst also capturing the imagination of world travellers who are not of Arabian origin.


The Omani sisters are well known for the design of there exquisite and chic abayas. However, this season the Endemage Spring-Summer 2015 collection mixes cultural values with a modern and fresh zest.



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