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Jean-Louis Sabaji's "Black Swan" collection

Jean-Louis Sabaji aw15-15

Sabaji takes inspiration from Darren Aronofsky's intense masterpiece, Black Swan, to create a dream like sense of independence, sexiness and provocation.

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Sabaji passion for creating complex and beautiful pieces of fashion are fully revealed in the extremely powerful Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, which is a unique combination of romance, mild aggression, sexiness and self-confidence. As with his first collection, which was unveiled in 2012, Sabaji turns again to the connection with nature and builds up the character of a provocative, empowering and very feminine woman.

Jean-Louis Sabaji aw15-8

Wonderful gowns with embellishments - like silicone, unfinished organza, beading and braiding - create a transparent effect of lightness. In such dresses you may want to fly!


Incredibly attractive feather skirts and gorgeous jumpsuits are each hallmarks of this amazingly talented designer, bringing a fresh look and a new approach to the natural patterns.

Jean-Louis Sabaji aw15-6

However, Jean-Louis Sabaji, catching the wave of current trends such as transparency and the edgy "alien" look, showed futuristic such as transparent hooped dresses whilst paying attention to non-dying classics like the hound's tooth pattern.


Jean-Louis Sabaji has played with several colours like blue and black with spring-like yellow and white.

Jean-Louis Sabaji aw15-18

His striking use of bright colours - this time red, yellow and white - is markedly different than in previous collections.

Jean-Louis Sabaji aw15-9

Beautifully flowing lines, spiky fabric pieces and extensively detailed beading that Sabaji always stays true to gives a natural aspect to his gowns and dresses.


The total sense of independence, sexiness and provocation was accomplished by extensive and sophisticated eye make-up that gives a truly empowering effect.

Jean-Louis Sabaji aw15-13

Jean-Louis Sabaji was definitely one of the "must see" designers at Dubai Fashion Week. Congratulations on one of the most spectacular collections of the show.



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