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About Fashion Babylon


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Fashion Babylon was originally launched in 2010... We rapidly grew over 20,000 subscribers, but stopped developing the site after 6 months due to the amount of work involved and the fact that at this time we were not generating any revenue. So we switched off most of the community functions and just left a few pages live, rather than loose the valuable search engine rankings which we had achieved. Over the interim the number of registered subscribers has expanded to over 150,000 and we have now refocussed the site, and will soon be re-launching. Our first edition will be Summer 2015 and will be launched by the end of June to cover July, August and September. We will then publish editions seasonally on a quarterly basis - Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring - with additional articles and material being added regularly.

If you are interested in joining the new Fashion Babylon team, please look at our Vacancies page for details. 

Otherwise we hope you will check back with us regularly to see how the site develops. 

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